Rearrange Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 10 Grammar Worksheets

Rearrange the words in the following sentences to make meaningful sentences.

Class 10 jumbled words worksheet

1. in early experience of bullies in school with fostered him a hatred tyrants

2. didn’t have I wish we to go foul weather out in this

3. persons be their animals to foul the footpaths allowing will prosecuted

4. completely Van Gogh had during which he was periods mad

5. a series one partner gained of machinations by control of the business

6. thousands the sun one of the of the luminaries is only in sky

7. nothing than wild juicier strawberries is

8. dog the family the neighbourhood for searched the lost

9. determine the boys lots to who would get drew to play first

10. Robinson Crusoe Friday many lonely days on the spent desert island the man before appeared


1. Early experience with bullies in school fostered in him a hatred of tyrants.

2. I wish we didn’t have to go out in this foul weather.

3. Persons allowing their animals to foul the footpaths will be prosecuted.

4. Van Gogh had periods during which he was completely mad.

5. By a series of machinations one partner gained control of the business.

6. The sun is only one of the thousands of luminaries in the sky.

7. Nothing is juicier than wild strawberries.

8. The family searched the neighbourhood for the lost dog.

9. The boys drew lots to determine who would get to play first.

10. Robinson Crusoe spent many lonely days on the desert island before the man Friday appeared.

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