Jumbled Words Exercise For Class 2

Rearrange words to make meaningful sentences.

1. am I to school going.

2. love kitten I my.

3. my very brother little is naughty.

4. do helped me to the mummy homework.

5. like I to birds draw.

6. know I to swim how.

7. sister my well sings.

8. don’t I milk like.

9. to my cat drink milk loves.

10. bought I yesterday a pen

11. for getting teacher praised me marks good.

12. want I a story to write.

13. we the beach went yesterday to.

14. enjoy I with my playing dog.


1. I am going to school.

2. I love my kitten.

3. My little brother is very naughty.

4. Mummy helped me to do the homework.

5. I like to draw birds.

6. I know how to swim.

7. My sister sings well.

8. I don’t like milk.

9. My cat loves to drink milk.

10. I bought a pen yesterday.

11. Teacher praised me for getting good marks.

12. I want to write a story.

13. We went to the beach yesterday.

14. I enjoy playing with my dog.

Jumbled words worksheets

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