Transformation Of Sentences Using So…That…. | Class 8 Grammar Worksheets

Study the sentences given below.

  • The puzzle was too difficult to solve.

We can express the same idea using so…that…

  • The puzzle was so difficult that I could not solve it.

Note that when the verb main clause is in the past tense, we use could, would, might etc in the that-clause.

When the verb in the main clause is in the present tense, we use can, will, may etc. in the that-clause.

  • It is too early to predict the outcome.

We can rewrite this sentence using so…that…

  • It is so early that we cannot predict the outcome.

Rewrite the following sentences using so…that….

1. He is too old to work.

2. It is too cold to go swimming.

3. He is too clever to be fooled.

4. It is too late to start now.

5. The offer was too good to resist.

6. He is too tired to walk.

7. She was too distraught to speak.

8. He is too proud to beg.

9. The soup was too salty to drink.

10. She was too haughty to admit her mistake.


1. He is so old that he cannot work.

2. It is so cold that we cannot go swimming.

3. He is so clever that he cannot be fooled.

4. It is so late that we cannot start now.

5. The offer was so good that he could not resist it.

6. He is so tired that he cannot walk.

7. She was so distraught that she could not speak.

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8. He is so proud that he will not beg.

9. The soup was so salty that we could not drink it.

10. She was so haughty that she would not admit her mistake.

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