Editing Exercise For Class 10 CBSE

The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Identify the error, correct it and write your answers in the respective blank spaces. Underline the correct answer. The first one has been done for you.

To make nuclear power, you need atoms that can be splitted (a)splittedsplit
easily. U-235, an isotope of uranium, is one that fissile material. (b)
As countries like Canada, Australia, South Africa and (c)
USA have abundant deposits of U-235 it is rare found in (d)
India. To get off the non-availability of U-235 we (e)
traditionally uses a mixture of thorium, plutonium and uranium. (f)
India’s problem is that the reactors that use this mixture is (g)
very expensive to build as compared to those that uses U-235. (h)


a) Error – splitted / correction – split (Split is the past and past participle form of split; you need the third form of the verb after can be, will be, would be, should be etc.)

b) Error – that / correction – such

c) Error – as / correction – while / though (We are connecting two contrasting ideas here; as shows reason; the conjunctions while and though/although are used to connect two contrasting ideas.)

d) Error – rare / correction – rarely (Rare is adjective; we need the adverb rarely to modify the verb ‘is found’.)

e) Error – off / correction – around (To get around the difficulty is to overcome the difficulty.)

f) Error – uses / correction – use (Here the subject is the plural pronoun we – we traditionally use.)

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g) Error – is / correction – are (Here the subject is the plural noun reactors – the reactors are very expensive)

h) Error – uses / correction – use (The verb in the relative clause should agree with its antecedent in number and person. Here the antecedent is the plural pronoun those; hence, we need a plural verb – use – here)

Editing exercises for class 10 CBSE

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