Jumbled Words Worksheet For Class 7

Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences.

1. arrested he was his neighbour for assaulting

2. of we need various to discuss aspects your plan

3. go I aside to let her past moved

4. read did you that about flooding in article Kerala?

5. teacher she has been as a for six months. working

6. because I missed the train I late was

7. the prince when his father ascended died the throne

8. she down to the book bent from pick up the floor

9. after there is a in the road the bridge bend

10. can a bilingual speak person two languages

11. gave my sister to a baby girl birth last night

12. the story a biography is of someone a person written by else


1. He was arrested for assaulting his neighbour.

2. We need to discuss various aspects of your plan.

3. I moved aside to let her go past.

4. Did you read that article about flooding in Kerala?

5. She has been working as a teacher for six months.

6. I missed the train because I was late.

7. The price ascended the throne when his father died.

8. She bent down to pick up the book from the floor.

9. There is a bend in the road after the bridge.

10. A bilingual person can speak two languages.

11. My sister gave birth to a baby girl last night.

12. A biography is the story of a person written by someone else.

Jumbled words worksheets

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