Jumbled Words Exercise for Class 10

Rearrange the order of words in the following sentences to make them meaningful.

1. the form new dam will a large lake behind artificial it

2. Queen Elizabeth II died the throne when ascended her father

3. a good enough debater his ideas well to convince must articulate others.

4. the toy with the first time the child fell apart played it.

5. government public lead apathy can to bad

6. good grades students need to be apologetic about don’t their

7. she an for breaking apology the glass made

8. it is rent that you will have apparent to pay the

9. the terrified sudden of the bear appearance the hikers

10. he an enormous appetite classical has for music


1. The new dam will form a large artificial lake behind it.

2. Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne when her father died.

3. A good debater must articulate his ideas well enough to convince others.

4. The toy fell apart the first time the child played with it.

5. Public apathy can lead to bad government.

6. Good students don’t need to be apologetic about their grades.

7. She made an apology for breaking the glass.

8. It is apparent that you will have to pay the rent.

9. The sudden appearance of the bear terrified the hikers.

10. He has an enormous appetite for classical music.

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