Rearrange Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 8 Grammar Worksheets

Rearrange words to make meaningful sentences.

1. came number of guests to the a large reception

2. filled the room poisonous was with fumes

3. in the diet is but low calories nutritious

4. mother the cat to nurse her kittens refused

5. parents we all have to support our an obligation

6. a object bright moving appeared in at sunset the sky

7. an what obedient does he is told child

8. earned he money doing odd jobs pocket

9. weather the was except for the occasional good shower

10. it the plan didn’t to me that you occur would oppose

11. offended he for apologized having her

12. was it the moment I can happiest remember


1. A large number of guests came to the reception.

2. The room was filled with poisonous fumes.

3. The diet is nutritious but low in calories.

4. The mother cat refused to nurse her kittens.

5. We all have an obligation to support our parents.

6. A bright moving object appeared in the sky at sunset.

7. An obedient child does what he is told.

8. He earned pocket money doing odd jobs.

9. The weather was good except for the occasional shower.

10. It didn’t occur to me that you would oppose the plan.

11. He apologized for having offended her.

12. It was the happiest moment I can remember.

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