Class 8 NCERT Solutions

You can find class 8 worksheets and NCERT solutions here.

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English Grammar worksheets for class 8

Conditional clauses / If clauses worksheets

Tenses worksheets

Phrases and clauses worksheets

Adjective Clause, Adverb Clause, Noun Clause Worksheets

Adjective clauses / relative clauses worksheets

Prepositions worksheets

Articles Worksheets

Conjunctions worksheets

Rearrange words

Active and passive voice worksheets

Finite and non-finite verbs worksheets

Articles and determiners worksheets

Prepositions Worksheets

Subject Verb Agreement Exercises

Direct and Indirect Speech Worksheets

Finite And Non-finite Verbs Worksheets

Determiners worksheets

Nouns worksheet

Transformation of sentences

Phrasal verbs worksheets

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