Jumbled Words Worksheet For Class 8

Make meaningful sentences by rearranging the order of words given below.

1. the its force of the drove the wind boat from moorings.

2. it is flat to drive with imprudent these tires.

3. had he a capacity large learning for.

4. owed he his largely to hard success work.

5. the lash pirate crew beat his captain with a.

6. order double by reading the figures check in inverse.

7. service everyone invest some should time in community.

8. helped his invincible of humour through sense hard times.

9. torture the investigators through an involuntary confession obtained.

10. the of fought the introduction workers of automation union.

11. the an introductory at offer made a lower price manufacturer.

12. unless is the document invalid officially stamped.


1. The force of the wind drove the boat from its moorings.

2. It is imprudent to drive with these flat tires.

3. He had a large capacity for learning.

4. He owed his success largely to hard work.

5. The pirate captain beat his crew with a lash.

6. Double check by reading the figures in inverse order.

7. Everyone should invest some time in community service.

8. His invincible sense of humour helped through hard times.

9. The investigators obtained an involuntary confession through torture.

10. The union of workers fought the introduction of automation.

11. The manufacturer made an introductory offer at a lower price.

12. The document is invalid unless officially stamped.

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