Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet For Class 7

Change the following sentences in direct speech to indirect speech.

1. Shyam said, “I want to buy a new laptop.’
2. Rahul said to me, ‘I am going to the movies.’
3. Mother said to me. ‘Learn your lessons.’
4. Madhav said, ‘I am hungry.’
5. Supriya said, ‘I am preparing for my exam.’
6. Rahul said, ‘I have to send a letter to my grandmother.’
7. Venu said, ‘I failed my exam.’
8. Manohar said to me, ‘I like your attitude.’
9. The girls said, ‘We are rehearsing for the programme.’
10. He said, ‘I know the answer.’


1. Shyam said that he wanted to buy a new laptop.
2. Rahul told me that he was going to the movies.
3. Mother told me to learn my lessons. / Mother asked me to learn my lessons.
4. Madhav said that he was hungry.
5. Supriya said that she was preparing for her exam.
6. Rahul said that he had to send a letter to his grandmother.
7. Venu said that he had failed his exam.
8. Manohar told me that he liked my attitude.
9. The girls said that they were rehearsing for the programme.
10. He told me that he knew the answer.

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