Rearrange Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 5 Grammar Worksheets

Rearrange words to make meaningful sentences.

1. watched I movie yesterday an interesting

2. my mother us her native took place last week to

3. the first the girl everybody praised who won prize

4. work harder the teacher them to and harder advised

5. next the woman doors is an who lives architect

6. wants my brother to play at the basketball national level

7. our we must betray country never

8. should children to their parents listen and elders

9. want I to be worker I grow up a social when

10. you whom meet there did?

11. the other we had a experience day strange

12. was raining it we reached home when


1. I watched an interesting movie yesterday.

2. My mother took us to her native place last week.

3. Everybody praised the girl who won the first prize.

4. The teacher advised them to work harder and harder.

5. The woman who lives next doors is an architect.

6. My brother wants to play basketball at the national level.

7. We must never betray our country.

8. Children should listen to their parents and elders.

9. I want to be a social worker when I grow up.

10. Whom did you meet there?

11. We had a strange experience the other day.

12. It was raining when we reached home.

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