English Grammar

Foreign Plurals in English

Some words which come from foreign languages have special plurals. Singular Plural Analysis Analyses Appendix Appendices Bacterium Bacteria Basis Bases Cactus Cacti Crisis Crises Criterion Criteria Diagnosis Diagnoses Formula Formulae / formulas Fungus Fungi / funguses Hypothesis Hypotheses Medium Media Nucleus Nuclei / nucleuses Oasis Oases Phenomenon Phenomena Radius Radii Stimulus Stimuli Vertebra Vertebrae / …

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List of Agent Nouns

Write agent nouns using suffixes for the following words.   Agent noun Visit Visitor Advise Advisor Biology Biologist Wander Wanderer Narrate Narrator Buy Buyer Travel Traveler Receive Receiver Pot Potter Counsel Counselor Whistle Whistler Office Officer Create Creator Research Researcher Explore Explorer Labour Labourer Debt Debtor Develop Developer Export Exporter Trek Trekker Produce Producer Win …

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Agent Nouns

Agent nouns are nouns that denote a person or thing performing a certain job. You can form agent nouns by using the following suffixes. By adding the suffix –er Work – worker (agent noun – worker) Compose – composer (If the word ends in –e, add –r to form the agent noun.) Run – runner …

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How To Find Out Whether An Ing Form Is A Present Participle Or Gerund

It is easy to identify whether a finite verb is an infinitive, gerund or participle. Infinitives usually have the marker to. Examples are: to sing, to work, to break, to stop etc. Present participles and gerunds are both ing forms; however, they are used in different ways. Gerunds are verbal nouns. That means they serve …

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