Rearrange Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 10 Grammar Worksheets

Rearrange words to make meaningful sentences.

1. gifted persons the future perhaps some can foretell

2. don’t feel she forgot hurt your name because

3.retires who the Prime Minister will follow when he

4. it that would be for you to try folly to lift piano

5. it the family takes of his salary most to buy food for

6. have seen anyone never so fond I of desserts

7. the pot she since she dropped on her foot has been limping

8. to fail extreme will cold the engine

9. the stranger eyed with she amusement

10. adventures the explorer about his fabulous in Africa talked

11. is engaged our company in the fabrication parts of airplane

12. powdered she her face going to dinner before


1. Perhaps some gifted persons can foretell the future.

2. Don’t feel hurt because she forgot your name.

3. Who will follow the Prime Minister when he retires?

4. It would be folly for you to try to lift that piano.

5. It takes most of his salary to buy food for the family.

6. I have never seen anyone so fond of desserts.

7. She has been limping since she dropped the pot on her foot.

8. Extreme cold will cause the engine to fail.

9. She eyed the stranger with amusement.

10. The explorer talked about his fabulous adventures in Africa.

11. Our company is engaged in the fabrication of airplane parts.

12. She powdered her face before going to dinner.

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