Active And Passive Voice Exercise For Class 8

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. I solved the puzzle.

2. She is answering the calls.

3. The dog bit the man.

4. The police caught the thief.

5. The government has banned that movie.

6. They showed us a different way to solve the problem.

7. I am planting some saplings.

8. They have delivered the message.

9. She had won the match.

10. The chief guest will give away the prices.

11. The farmers will pick the fruit when they are ripe.

12. A little girl answered the phone.


1. The puzzle was solved by me.

2. The calls are being answered by her.

3. The man was bitten by the dog.

4. The thief was caught by the police.

5. That movie has been banned by the government.

6. We were shown a different way to solve the problem.

7. Some saplings are being planted by me.

8. The message has been delivered by them.

9. The match had been won by her.

10. The prices will be given away by the chief guest.

11. The fruit will be picked by the farmers when they are ripe.

12. The phone was answered by a little girl.

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