Active And Passive Voice Exercise (Present Continuous Tense)

This grammar exercise tests your ability to change sentences in the present continuous tense into passive voice.

In the present continuous tense, we make passive verb forms by putting is / am / are + being before the past participle form of the verb.

1. She is reading a novel.

2. I am writing a story.

3. Mother is planting a few saplings.

4. She is drawing a picture.

5. Raju is learning his lessons.

6. The students are writing the exam.

7. Sushmita is feeding the cats.

8. Dd is singing a song.

9. I am cooking dinner.

10. She is eating breakfast.

11. He is driving the car.

12. She is cleaning the cupboard.


1. A novel is being read by her.

2. A story is being written by me.

3. A few saplings are being planted by mother.

4. A picture is being drawn by her.

5. His lessons are being learned / learnt by Raju.

6. The exam is being written by the students.

7. The cats are being fed by Sushmita.

8. A song is being sung by dad.

9. Dinner is being cooked by me.

10. Breakfast is being eaten by her.

11. The car is being driven by him.

12. The cupboard is being cleaned by her.

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