Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 7 CBSE

Change the following sentences into passive voice.

  1. She bought a necklace.
  2. I enjoy singing.
  3. She is drawing a picture.
  4. I am reading a novel.
  5. The dog is chasing the cat.
  6. He sang a song.
  7. I ate an apple.
  8. The cat drank the milk.
  9. She learned a lesson.
  10. We enjoyed the picnic.
  11. I answered the question.
  12. She helped the poor.
  13. I have received the parcel.
  14. She was writing a story.
  15. I had paid the bill.
  16. They will help us.
  17. They will have heard the news.
  18. She will buy a car.


  1. A necklace was bought by her.
  2. Singing is enjoyed by me.
  3. A picture is being drawn by her.
  4. A novel is being read by me.
  5. The cat is being chased by me.
  6. A song was sung by him.
  7. An apple was eaten by me.
  8. The milk was drunk by the cat.
  9. A lesson was learned by her.
  10. The picnic was enjoyed by us.
  11. The question was answered by me.
  12. The poor was helped by her.
  13. The parcel has been received by me.
  14. A story was being written by her.
  15. The bill had been paid by me.
  16. We will be helped by them.
  17. The news will have been heard by them.
  18. A car will be bought by her.
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