Active And Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 7

Sentences are given in the active voice. From the given options choose the one that correctly transforms the active sentence into passive.

1. I have done my homework.

a) My homework is done by me.

b) My homework have done by me.

c) My homework has been done by me.

d) My homework had been done by me.

Answer: c

2. I will help them.

a) They will be helped me.

b) They will be helped by I.

c) They are helped by me.

d) They will be helped by me.

Answer: d

3. They are repairing the car.

a) The car is repaired by them.

b) The car has repaired by them.

c) The car is being repaired by them.

d) The car is being repairing by them.

Answer: c

4. I received the parcel.

a) The parcel is received by me.

b) The parcel has been received by me.

c) The parcel was received by me.

d) The parcel had been received by me.

Answer: c

5. She called me a liar.

a) I was called a liar by her.

b) I am called a liar.

c) She was called a liar.

d) I am being called a liar.

Answer: a

6. They recognized him.

a) He was recognized them.

b) He was recognized by them.

c) He has been recognized by them.

d) He was being recognized by them.

Answer: b

7. She writes stories.

a) Stories are written by her.

b) Stories have been written by her.

c) Stories were written by her.

d) Stories are being written by her.

Answer: a

8. She will win the first prize.

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a) The first prize will be won by her.

b) The first prize would be won by her.

c) The first prize will won by her.

d) The first prize will have been won by her.

Answer: a

9. The police are questioning the suspect.

a) The suspect is questioned by the police.

b) The suspect is being questioned by the police.

c) The suspect has been questioned by the police.

d) The suspect is been questioned by the police.

Answer: b

10. They are spreading rumours.

a) Rumours are spread by them.

b) Rumours are being spread by them.

c) Rumours have been spread by them.

d) Rumours were being spread by them.

Answer: b

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