Active And Passive Voice Worksheet For Classes 7 And 8

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. Dad is repairing the bike.

2. Mom is reading a novel.

3. The boys are playing football.

4. The children are flying kites.

5. I have delivered the message.

6. They asked me a question.

7. They took him to the doctor.

8. I know the answer.

9. She owns a car.

10. They recognized him instantly.

11. Everyone praised the winners.

12. I was cooking dinner.


1. The bike is being repaired by dad.

2. A novel is being read by mom.

3. Football is being played by the boys.

4. Kites are being flown by the children.

5. The message has been delivered by me.

6. I was asked a question.

7. He was taken to the doctor.

8. The answer is known to me.

9. A car is owned by her.

10. He was instantly recognized by them.

11. The winners were praised by everyone.

12. Dinner was being cooked by me.

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