Active And Passive Voice Worksheet (Present Perfect Tense)

This grammar exercise tests your ability to change sentences in the present perfect tense into passive voice.

In the present perfect tense, we make passive verb forms by putting has/have + been + past participle form of the verb.

1. I have sent the parcel.

2. She has won the first prize.

3. You have earned my respect.

4. They have filed a complaint.

5. I have cooked dinner.

6. The boy has broken the toy.

7. He has injured his knee.

8. I have received the invite.

9. Have you watched that movie?

10. They have bought a house.

11. They have invited us.

12. Sam has produced a movie.


1. The parcel has been sent by me.

2. The first prize has been won by her.

3. My respect has been earned by you.

4. A complaint has been filed by them.

5. Dinner has been cooked by me.

6. The toy has been broken by the boy.

7. His knee has been injured by him.

8. The invite has been received by me.

9. Has that movie been watched by them?

10. A house has been bought by them.

11. We have been invited by them.

12. A movie has been produced by Sam.

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