Active And Passive Voice Worksheet For Classes 6 And 7

Change the following sentences from active voice to passive voice.


The sentences given below are in the simple past tense. Passive verbs in the simple past tense are made by putting was/were before the past participle form of the verb.

Passive voice worksheet for class 7

1. I borrowed a book from the library yesterday.

2. She showed me the photographs.

3. The chief guest distributed the prizes.

4. The girl sang a lovely song.

5. Thieves stole his bicycle.

6. The mechanic repaired the car.

7. I informed him about the developments.

8. The boy solved the puzzle.

9. They took the injured to hospital.

10. Police arrested the robber.

11. Cops interrogated the suspects.

12. The storm destroyed the buildings.


1. A book was borrowed by me from the library yesterday.

2. I was shown the photographs by her.

3. The prizes were distributed by the chief guest.

4. A lovely song was sung by the girl.

5. His bicycle was stolen by thieves.

6. The car was repaired by the mechanic.

7. He was informed about the developments (by me).

8. The puzzle was solved by the boy.

9. The injured were taken to hospital.

10. The robber was arrested by the police.

11. The suspects were interrogated by the police.

12. The buildings were destroyed by the storm.

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