Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 7

We use active voice when the focus is on the person or thing that performs the action. Read the sentence given below.

  • Sita drew a picture on the wall.

Here the focus is on Sita who performs the action of drawing on the wall.

The same idea can be expressed in another way.

  • A picture was drawn on the wall by Sita. / A picture was drawn by Sita on the wall.

More examples are given below.

  • My sister writes short stories. (Active voice)
  • Short stories are written by my sister. (Passive voice)

Form of the verb in active and passive voices

Simple present tense

Active: subject + first form of the verb + object

  • Masons build houses.

Passive voice: subject + is/am/are + past participle form of the verb + by + object

  • Houses are built by masons.

Simple past tense

Active: subject + past form of the verb + object

  • She bought a bicycle.

Passive: subject + was/were + past participle form of the verb + by + object

  • A bicycle was bought by her.

Passive voice worksheet 1

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive.

1. My mother knits beautiful sweaters.

2. Children enjoy cartoon films.

3. I read at least one book every week.

4. The boy sells newspapers at the railway station.

5. Doctors treat patients in hospitals.

6. Parents take care of their children.

7. The cow gives milk.

8. Dogs chase cats.

9. Cats eat mice.

10. Trees bear fruits.


1. Beautiful sweaters are knitted by my mother.

2. Cartoon films are enjoyed by children.

3. At least one book is read by me every week.

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4. Newspapers are sold by the boy at the railway station.

5. Patients are treated by doctors in hospitals.

6. Children are taken care of by the parents.

7. Milk is given by the cow.

8. Cats are chased by dogs.

9. Mice are eaten by cats.

10. Fruits are borne by trees.

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