Change Present Continuous To Passive Voice Worksheet

Active and passive voice worksheet present continuous tense

In the present continuous tense, we make the passive verb form by putting is/am/are + being before the ing form of the verb.

Sentences are given in the present continuous tense. Change them from the active voice to the passive voice.

1. I am watching a movie.

2. He is playing video games.

3. We are making clay models.

4. He is painting the walls.

5. She is writing a novel.

6. I am reading a story.

7. The cat is chasing the mouse.

8. They are writing the test.

9. I am baking some cookies.

10. She is applying makeup on her face.

11. The gardener is pruning the twigs.

12. The carpenter is making a table.


1. A movie is being watched by me.

2. Video games are being played by him.

3. Clay models are being made by us.

4. The walls are being painted by him.

5. A novel is being written by her.

6. A story is being read by me.

7. The mouse is being chased by the cat.

8. The test is being written by them.

9. Some cookies are being baked by me.

10. Makeup is being applied by her on her face.

11. The twigs are being pruned by the gardener.

12. A table is being made by the carpenter.

Active and passive voice worksheets for class 7

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