Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 10

Sentences are given in the present continuous tense. Change them into the passive voice. In the present continuous tense, we make the passive verb form by putting is, am or are before being + past participle.

1. She is doing her homework.

2. I am chopping the vegetables.

3. The cat is chasing the mouse.

4. The mother is singing a lullaby.

5. I am baking a cake.

6. They are eating breakfast.

7. He is writing the answers.

8. She is checking the papers.

9. The police are investigating the case.

10. They are building a new house.

11. I am reading the letters.

12. They are weighing the mangoes.

13. He is tasting the soup.

14. He is serving tea.

15. The nurse is dressing the wound.


1. Her homework is being done by her.

2. The vegetables are being chopped by me.

3. The mouse is being chased by the cat.

4. A lullaby is being sung by the mother.

5. A cake is being baked by me.

6. Breakfast is being eaten by them.

7. The answers are being written by him.

8. The papers are being checked by her.

9. The case is being investigated by the police.

10. A new house is being built by them.

11. The letters are being read by me.

12. The mangoes are being weighed by them.

13. The soup is being tasted by him.

14. Tea is being served by him.

15. The wound is being dressed by the nurse.

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