Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 10 Maharashtra Board

Change voice. Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into passive voice.

1. I sent the parcel in the morning.

2. I ate an apple.

3. The cruel master abused the boy.

4. He feeds stray dogs.

5. She raised four children.

6. I write stories.

7. He makes clay idols.

8. He was humming a tune.

9. They were picking apples.

10. The man was writing letters.

11. I am knitting a sweater.

12. The girl are rehearsing their dialogues.

13. Lions kill deer.

14. Birds make nests.

15. The mother was feeding her baby.

16. The girl was doing her homework.


1. The parcel was sent in the morning (by me).

2. An apple was eaten by me.

3. The boy was abused by the cruel master.

4. Stray dogs are fed by him.

5. Four children were raised by her.

6. Stories are written by me.

7. Clay idols are made by him.

8. A tune was being hummed by him.

9. Apples were being picked by them.

10. Letters were being written by the man.

11. A sweater is being knitted by me.

12. Their dialogues are being rehearsed by the girls.

13. Deer are killed by lions.

14. Nests are made by birds.

15. The baby was being fed by the mother.

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