Change Declarative Sentence Into Interrogative Sentence | Class 5 Grammar Worksheets

Change the following declarative sentences into interrogative sentences.

1. He works in a bank.

2. She can run 8 miles in an hour.

3. Birds make nests.

4. He has fed the dogs.

5. Grandfather arrived in the morning.

6. Sita scored good marks in the exam.

7. Melvin runs a shop in the town.

8. He repairs cars to earn a living.

9.  He works hard for his family.

10. They have violin practice twice a week.

11. Suma wants to be a journalist.

12. You recognized him.


1. Does he work in a bank? (In the simple present tense, use do or does to make questions. Use does with singular subjects.)

2. Can she run 8 miles in an hour?

3. Do birds make nests?

4. Has he fed the dogs?

5. Did Grandfather arrive in the morning? (In the simple past tense, use did to make questions.)

6. Did Sita score good marks in the exam?

7. Does Melvin run a shop in the town?

8. Does he repair cars to earn a living?

9.  Does he work hard for his family?

10. Do they have violin practice twice a week?

11. Does Suma want to be a journalist?

12. Did you recognize him?

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