Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet For Class 10

Sentences are given in the direct speech. Change them into indirect speech.

1. ‘You are standing on my feet!’ she said.

2. ‘Leave at once,’ she told her son.

3. ‘Do you know what you are doing?’ he asked me.

4. ‘I will never forgive you,’ the old man told the youngster.

5. ‘I have forgotten my hall ticket at home,’ the student told the teacher.

6. ‘How can I solve this problem?’ the boy asked.

7. ‘We are in trouble,’ said the woman.

8. ‘I cannot find my way home,’ the boy told the stranger.

9. ‘It is time you went to bed,’ the mother told the children.

10. ‘I have been to this place before,’ she said.

11. ‘We are getting late,’ mother said.

12. ‘You are too old to apply for this job,’ the officer told the woman.


1. She exclaimed/complained that I was standing on her feet.

2. She told her son to leave at once.

3. He asked me if I knew what I was doing.

4. The old man told the youngster that he would never forgive him.

5. The student told the teacher that he/she had forgotten his/her hall ticket at home.

6. The boy asked how he could solve that problem.

7. The woman said that they were in trouble.

8. The boy told the stranger that he couldn’t find his way home.

9. The mother told the children that it was time for them to go to bed.

10. She said that she had been to that place before.

11. Mother said that we were getting late.

12. The officer told the woman that she was too old to apply for that job.

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