Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 10 | Present Continuous Tense

Sentences are given in the present continuous tense. Change them into the passive voice. In the present continuous tense, we make the passive verb form by putting is/am/are + being before the past participle form of the verb.

I am watering the plants. (Active voice)

The plants are being watered by me. (Passive voice)

Passive voice worksheet for class 10

1. He is feeding the cats.

2. They are playing football.

3. I am writing the test.

4. She is drafting the report.

5. They are washing the windows.

6. I am heating water.

7. He is wasting his money.

8. The nurse is dressing the wound.

9. He is collecting money.

10. Grandma is knitting a sweater.

11. She is cutting the vegetables.

12. They are picking the apples.


1. The cats are being fed by him.

2. Football is being played by them.

3. The test is being written by me.

4. The report is being drafted by her.

5. The windows are being washed by them.

6. Water is being heated by me.

7. His money is being wasted by him.

8. The wound is being dressed by the nurse.

9. Money is being collected by him.

10. A sweater is being knitted by grandma.

11. The vegetables are being cut by her.

12. The apples are being picked by them.

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