Reported Speech Worksheet For Class 10

Sentences are given in direct speech. Change them into indirect speech. This direct and indirect speech worksheet is helpful for students of class 10.

1. ‘No one can say what will happen next,’ said the preacher.

2. ‘I saw this book on your table yesterday,’ Mary told James.

3. I told him, ‘Your parents might be waiting for you.’

4. I said, ‘Children, you can play inside as long as you don’t disturb me.’

5. He said to me, ‘You should not say anything that you cannot prove.’

6. Mother said to me, ‘Let me see your progress report.’

7. The father said to his daughter, ‘I am not impressed with your performance at school.’

8. ‘She said, ‘I will call you as soon as I hear anything from them.’

9. The teacher said to Rahul, ‘If you come late again, I will punish you.’

10. The boy said to his mother, ‘I saw a snake in the garden.’

11. ‘I will be taking my exam next year, but you took yours last year,’ he told his sister.

12. ‘Rahul knows more about this town than I do,’ Rashmi said.


1. The preacher said that no one could say what would happen next.

2. Mary told James that she had seen that book on his table the previous day.

3. I told him that his parents might be waiting for him.

4. I told the children that they could play inside as long as they didn’t disturb me.

5. He told me that I should not say anything that I could not prove.

6. Mother told me that she wanted to see my progress report.

7. The father told his daughter that he was not impressed with her performance at school.

8. She told me that she would call me as soon as she heard anything from them.

9. The teacher warned Rahul that if he came late again, she would punish him.

10. The boy told his mother that he had seen a snake in the garden.

11. He told his sister that he would be taking his exam the following year but she had taken hers the previous year.

12. Rashmi said that Rahul knew more about that town than she did.

Direct and Indirect Speech Worksheets

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