Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 10 | MH Board, TN Board

Active voice sentences are given in the present perfect tense. Change them into the passive voice.

In the present perfect tense, we make passive verb forms by putting has/have + been before the past participle form of the verb. This passive voice worksheet is helpful for students preparing for their class 10 English exam conducted by Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka board.

Passive voice worksheet for class 10

1. He has won the first prize.

2. You have eaten six eggs since morning.

3. My brother has bought a new house.

4. She has sold her old house.

5. You have never helped me.

6. I have learnt my lesson.

7. He has refused our offer.

8. They have insulted me.

9.  The judge has acquitted him.

10. The terrorists have blown up the bridge.

11. They have painted the walls.

12. I have drawn a painting.


1. The first prize has been won by him.

2. Since morning, six eggs have been eaten by you.

3. A new house has been bought by my brother.

4. Her old house has been sold by her.

5. I have never been helped by you.

6. My lesson has been learnt by me.

7. Our offer has been refused by him.

8. I have been insulted by them.

9.  He has been acquitted by the judge.

10. The bridge has been blown up by the terrorists.

11. The walls have been painted by them.

12. A painting has been drawn by me.  

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