Passive Voice Worksheet for Class 10 | Simple Future Tense

Sentences are given in the simple future tense. Change them into the passive voice.

In the simple future tense, we make the passive verb forms by putting will + be before the past participle form of the verb.

Simple future tense | Passive voice worksheet

1. She will help you.

2. They will win the first prize.

3. Mummy will scold me.

4. They will praise me.

5. He will break that glass.

6. She will criticize you.

7. I will buy that car.

8. They will donate a lot of money.

9. Who will solve this puzzle?

10. She will follow you.

11. I will adopt that puppy.

12. It will solve your problems.


1. You will be helped by her.

2. The first prize will be won by them.

3. I will be scolded by mummy.

4. I will be praised by them.

5. That glass will be broken by him.

6. You will be criticized by her.

7. That car will be bought by me.

8. A lot of money will be donated by them.

9. By whom will this puzzle be solved?

10. You will be followed by her.

11. That puppy will be adopted by him.

12. Your problems will be solved by it.  

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