English Story Writing Activity For Classes 7 And 8

With the help of the outline given below, write a readable story.

Hungry fox finds the reflection of moon in the well … thinks it was cheese and wants to eat it … finds the bucket hanging on a rope … gets into it and goes down … realizes his mistakes – wants to get out … finds a wolf peeping into the well … invites him to share the cheese … tells him to hold the end of the rope and climb down … as the wolfs climbs down, he pulls the fox up … once out, the fox tells the wolf to eat the cheese all by himself

Model answer

A clever fox

One evening, a fox saw the moon reflected in the still waters of a well. He thought that it was a piece of delicious golden cheese. He was very hungry. He wanted to eat the cheese. Without thinking any further, the fox leapt into a bucket that was hanging on a rope attached to a pulley. As the fox was heavy, the bucket went right down into the well.

When the fox got to the bottom of the well, he realized that he had been mistaken. What he saw was only a reflection of the moon. The fox wondered how he would get out of the well.

Just then, a wolf happened to appear on the scene. He peered into the well. As soon as the fox saw him, he said, ‘Mr Wolf, do you want to share this delicious cheese with me?’ If you do, take hold of the end of the rope, and let yourself down here.’

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The greedy wolf took hold of the rope, and as he went down into the well, he pulled up the fox in the bucket with his weight. As soon as he got out of the well, the clever fox called out to the foolish wolf and said, ‘Now, Mr Wolf, you can eat that cheese all by yourself!’ Then the fox ran away as quickly as he could.

The wise too get into trouble every now and then. But they always know how to get out of it.

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