Change Affirmative To Interrogative | Class 5 Grammar Worksheet

Change affirmative sentence to interrogative sentence

We make questions by putting the auxiliary verb before the subject.

  • She is a doctor. (Declarative sentence)
  • Is she a doctor? (Interrogative sentence)

In the simple present tense, we make questions and negatives with do and does.

  • She wants to be a writer. (Affirmative)
  • Does she want to be a writer? (Interrogative)

In the simple past tense, we make questions and negatives with did.

  • The teacher punished the student. (Affirmative)
  • Did the teacher punish the student? (Interrogative)

Change affirmative to interrogative

1. They took the child to the doctor.

2. She graduated in 2005.

3. He recognized her instantly.

4. She lives in a large house.

5. You know the answer.

6. They asked her a question.

7. Janet has got a new job.

8. The child is waiting for her father.

9. She loves her children.

10. He wants to become a millionaire.

11. She works in a bank.

12. They scolded the child.

13. He was late for office.

14. She has been working for hours,

15. My mother bought me a dress.


1. Did they take the child to the doctor? (NOT Did they took the child….? Use the first form of the verb (v1) after do, does and did.)

2. Did she graduate in 2005?

3. Did he recognize her instantly?

4. Does she live in a large house?

5. Do you know the answer?

6. Did they ask her a question?

7. Has Janet got a new job?

8. Is the child waiting for her father?

9. Does she love her children?

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10. Does he want to become a millionaire?  

11. Does she work in a bank?

12. Did they scold the child?

13. Was he late for office?

14. Has she been working for hours?

15. Did my mother buy me a dress?

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