Change Declarative To Interrogative | Grammar Worksheet

Change the given declarative sentences into interrogative sentences.


We make questions by putting the auxiliary verb before the subject.

  • She is a writer. (Declarative)
  • Is she a writer? (Interrogative)

In the simple present tense, we use do or does to make questions.

  • She lives here. (Declarative)
  • Does she live here? (Interrogative)
  • They love singing. (Declarative)
  • Do they love singing? (Interrogative)

In the simple past tense, we make questions with did.

  • She came in the morning. (Declarative)
  • Did she come in the morning? (Interrogative)

1. You saw him yesterday.

2. I waited for an hour.

3. They recognized him at once.

4. The missing child has been found.

5. The old man lives alone in that hut.

6. She works at a bank.

7. He knows what he wants.

8. I started at six.

9. He told me a lie.

10. Heat expands bodies.

11. Plants absorb carbon dioxide.

12. Plants make their food in their leaves.

13. She wants to be an architect.

14. She called me a liar.

15. He went out in a hurry.

16. She left at six.


1. Did you see him yesterday?

2. Did I wait for an hour?

3. Did they recognize him at once?

4. Has the missing child been found?

5. Does the old man live alone in that hut?

6. Does she work at a bank?

7. Does he know what he wants?

8. Did I start at six?

9. Did he tell me a lie?

10. Does heat expand bodies?

11. Do plants absorb carbon dioxide?

12. Do plants make their food in their leaves?

13. Does she want to be an architect?

14. Did she call me a liar?

15. Did he go out in a hurry?

16. Did she leave at six?

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