Change Degrees Of Comparison Without Changing Meaning | Class 10 Grammar Worksheet

Change the degrees of comparison without changing the meaning.

1. I am not as rich as my neighbours. (Use the comparative degree)

2. Supriya is the brightest student in the class. (Use the comparative degree)

3. Platinum is more expensive than any other metal. (Use the positive degree)

4. The Indus Valley Civilization is older than the Egyptian Civilization. (Use the positive degree)

5. Hemingway is one of the greatest writers in English. (Use the positive degree)

6. Tokyo is the most populous city in the world. (Use the positive degree)

7. Cats are better than dogs at hunting. (Use the positive degree)

8. She is taller than her husband. (Use the positive degree)

9. The exam was easier than I thought. (Use the positive degree)

10. A dog is more loyal than a cat. (Use the positive degree)


1. My neighbours are richer than me.

2. Supriya is brighter than any other student in the class.

3. No other metal is as expensive as platinum.

4. The Egyptian Civilization is not as old as the Indus Valley Civilization.

5. Few other writers in English are as great as Hemingway.

6. No other city in the world is as populous as Tokyo.

7. Dogs are not as good as cats at hunting.

8. Her husband is not as tall as her.

9. The exam was not as difficult as I thought.

10. A cat is not as loyal as a dog.

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