Change Affirmative Sentence To Negative Sentence Worksheet

In the simple present tense, we use do and does to make questions.

Use do with plural subjects. Use does with singular subjects.

Affirmative to interrogative worksheet

1. Shyam wakes up at 6.30.

2. She drinks a glass of milk every day.

3. Raju wants to go home.

4. They go swimming on the weekend.

5. Ram works out every day.

6. Father drinks coffee in the morning.

7. The moon revolves around the earth.

8. My mother works hard.

9. She adores her children.

10. Parents take care of their children.

11. Dogs follow their masters everywhere.

12. They leave work at 6 o’clock.


1. Does Shyam wake up at 6.30?

2. Does she drink a glass of milk every day?

3. Does Raju want to go home?

4. Do they go swimming on the weekend?

5. Does Ram work out every day?

6. Does father drink coffee in the morning?

7. Does the moon revolve around the earth?

8. Does my mother work hard?

9. Does she adore her children?

10. Do parents take care of their children?

11. Do dogs follow their masters everywhere?

12. Do they leave work at 6 o’clock?

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