Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet For Class 8 CBSE

Sentences are given in the direct speech. Change them into indirect speech.

1. ‘I have lost my phone,’ said Rani.

2. ‘Do you know who I am?’ she asked me.

3. ‘I would like a cup of coffee,’ the woman said.

4. ‘Can I talk to the manager?’ the girl asked the receptionist.

5. ‘I want to get this document translated into Spanish,’ she said.

6. ‘I met with an accident in the morning,’ he said to his manager.

7. ‘The soup is too salty,’ the boy said.

8. ‘Have you seen my key?’ Rahim said to his mother.

9. ‘I have read that novel,’ she said.

10. ‘Where is my bag?’ she asked.

11. ‘You will pay for your action,’ she said.

12. ‘We do not permit smoking in the house,’ they said.


1. Rani said that she had lost her phone.

2. She asked me if / whether I knew who she was.

3. The woman said that she would like a cup of coffee.

4. The girl asked the receptionist if she could talk to the manager.

5. She said that she wanted to get that document translated into Spanish.

6. He told his manager that he had met with an accident that morning.

7. The boy complained that the soup was too salty.

8. Rahim asked his mother if she had seen his key.

9. She said that she had read that novel.

10. She asked where her bag was.

11. She threatened me that I would pay for my action.

12. They said that they do not / did not permit smoking in the house.

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