Reporting Questions | Reported Speech Worksheet For Class 8

When we report a question we normally use the reporting verb asked.

Note that a reported question has the same word order as a sentence. That means in a reported question, the subject goes before the verb.

Study the examples given below.

  • The teacher said to the boy, ‘What are you doing there?’
  • The teacher asked the boy what he was doing there. (NOT The teacher asked the boy what was he doing there.)

A reported question does not have a question mark.

Report the questions given below.

1. He asked me, ‘Why did you insult my brother?’

2. ‘Where did you go yesterday?’ the man said to his servant.

3. ‘When will your classes start?’ the father said to his daughter.

4. The teacher asked, ‘Why were you absent yesterday?’

5. ‘How far the railway station is from here?’ the old man enquired.

6. ‘Where can I buy that book?’ the boy said.

7. ‘When do you usually reach office?’ I said to him.

8. ‘Where does he keep his money?’ they asked her.

9. ‘Why are you in a hurry, young man?’ said the Sage.

10. ‘When are you leaving for Delhi?’ He asked me.

11. ‘Where were you all the time?’ the father asked the daughter.

12. ‘Why didn’t you consult a doctor?’ she asked me.


1. He asked me why I had insulted his brother.

2. The man asked his servant where he had gone the previous day.

3. The father asked his daughter when her classes would start.

4. The teacher asked me why I had been absent the day before.

5. The old man asked how far the railway station was from there.

6. The boy asked where he could buy that book.

7. I asked him when he usually reached office.

8. They asked her where he kept his money.

9. The Sage asked the young man why he was in a hurry.

10. He asked me when I was leaving for Delhi.

11. The father asked the daughter where she had been all the time.

12. She asked me why I hadn’t consulted a doctor.

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