Reported Speech Worksheet For Class 7 CBSE

Change the given sentences into indirect speech.

1. ‘I don’t eat meat,’ the boy exclaimed.

2. ‘I am waiting for the bus,’ said Suresh.

3. ‘I have lost my key,’ she cried.

4. They said, ‘We have been waiting for ages.’

5. ‘I took the puppy home with me,’ said the girl.

6. ‘I will be working on a new project at that time,’ she said.

7. She said, ‘I would like something to drink.’

8. The mother said, ‘My son hasn’t reached home yet.’

9. I said to her, ‘You are awesome.’

10. He said to me, ‘I baked a cake yesterday.’

11. Ravi says, ‘I like gardening very much.’

12. Teacher said to the students, ‘Do not litter around.’


1. The boy exclaimed that he didn’t eat meat.

2. Suresh said that he was waiting for the bus.

3. She cried that she had lost her key.

4. They said that they had been waiting for ages.

5. The girl said that she had taken the puppy home with her.

6. She said that she would be working on a new project at that time.

7. She said that she would like something to drink.

8. The mother said/complained that her son hadn’t reached home.

9. I told her that she was awesome.

10. He told me that he had baked a cake the day before.

11. Ravi says that he likes gardening very much.

12. The teacher told / warned the students not to litter around.

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