Direct And Indirect Object Worksheet For Class 6

Identify the direct object and the indirect object.

Grammar notes

The indirect object identifies the person/thing for whom/what the action mentioned in the sentence is performed. The indirect object is usually a person or thing.

Note that the indirect object usually goes before the direct object. When the indirect object goes after the direct object, it is usually introduced by the preposition to or for.

1. I showed him the photo.

2. I gave the book to Ami.

3. She gave them a present.

4. She told a story to them.

5. Mother bought a necklace for me.

6. I will make coffee for you.

7. She told me a story.


1. (direct object – photo; indirect object – him)

2. (direct object – book; indirect object – Ami)

3. (direct object – present; indirect object – them)

4. (direct object – story; indirect object – them)

5. (direct object – necklace; indirect object – me)

6. (direct object – coffee; indirect object – you)

7. (Direct object – story; indirect object – me)

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