NCERT Class 10 Social Science Question Bank | Chapter 7 Print Culture And The Modern World | One Mark Questions

Here are one mark questions that can be asked from chapter 7 of NCERT Class 10 Social Science.

1. Who wrote about the injustice of the caste system in his seminal work Gulamgiri?

Jotiba Phule

2. The first printing press in India was established in the …………………….

16th century

3. Who invented the printing press?


4. Who challenged the authority of the church in Europe through his theses?

Martin Luther

5. Name some well-known female writers of Europe who re-defined the role of women in the society?

Jane Austen, George Eliot, the Bronte sisters

6. The Chinese city which became the hub of the new printing culture?


7. Who wrote Istri Dharm Vichar?

Ram Chadda

8. The hand printing technology was introduced in Japan by ……………………….

Buddhist monks

9. Name the country where the system of hand printing was developed?


10. Popular literature comparable to English chapbook was known as ………………………. in France

Bibliotheque Bleue

11. Printing is the ultimate gift of God and the greatest one. Who said this?

Martin Luther

12. The oldest Japanese book printed in AD 868

The Diamond Sutra

13. Who brought the printing press to India?

Portuguese missionaries

14. Who developed the first printing press in 1430?

Johann Gutenberg

15. The first book printed by Gutenberg was

The Bible

16. Name the publication started by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1821

Sambad Kaumudi

17. What was the ancient name of Tokyo?


18. Who became the editor of the Bengal Gazettes weekly in 1780?

James Augustus Hickey

19. Amar Jiban is the autobiography of

Rash Sundari Debi

20. Who introduced the technology of wood block printing to Europe?

Marco Polo

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