Reporting Wh Questions | Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet For Class 10 CBSE

Change the Wh-questions given below into indirect speech.

1. ‘Why are you crying?’ Smita asked Radha.

2. ‘Where are you going?’ the cop asked the boy.

3. ‘What do you do to make a living?’ she asked me.

4. ‘Why haven’t they come yet?’ the woman asked.

5. ‘What did you do to make him angry?’ mummy said to me.

6. ‘How will we escape?’ the prisoners said.

7. ‘What are you doing there?’ mother asked me.

8. ‘Where does Rahul work?’ I asked him.

9. ‘Who took my pen?’ the girl asked.

10. ‘Where can I find a hotel?’ the traveler asked.


1. Smita asked Radha why she was crying.

2. The cop asked the boy where he was going.

3. She asked me what I did to make a living.

4. The woman asked why they hadn’t come yet.

5. Mummy asked me what I had done to make him angry.

6. The prisoners asked / wondered how they would escape.

7. Mother asked me what I was doing there.

8. I asked him where Rahul worked.

9. The girl asked who had taken her pen.

10. The traveler asked where he could find a hotel.

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