Direct And Indirect Speech Exercise For Class 9 CBSE

Direct and indirect speech worksheet for class 9

Note that we use to-infinitives to report imperative sentences. Imperatives are sentences that express a command, order, request or instruction.

Use appropriate reporting verbs.

1. ‘Stand in line,’ the teacher said to the students.

2. ‘Get your eyes examined,’ mother said.

3. ‘The soup is too hot,’ cried little Einstein.

4. ‘Please wait for me,’ she said to me.

5. ‘He looks old for his age,’ said mother.

6. ‘I am an old friend of yours,’ she said.

7. ‘We do not permit smoking in the kitchen,’ the woman said.

8. ‘It is too hot here,’ the boy said.

9. ‘Whom do you want to meet?’ the receptionist said to me.

10. ‘Take this file with you when you go to the bank,’ she said to him.

11. ‘Do not leave this area,’ the cops said to the people.

12. ‘We can’t trust people like him,’ said mother.


1. The teacher instructed the students to stand in line.

2. Mother suggested that I should get my eyes examined.

3. Little Einstein complained / exclaimed that the soup was too hot.

4. She requested / told me to wait for her.

5. Mother remarked that he looked old for his age.

6. She said that she was an old friend of mine.

7. The woman said that they did not / do not permit smoking in the kitchen.

8. The boy complained that it was too hot there.

9. The receptionist asked me whom I wanted to meet.

10. She instructed /told him to take that file with him when he went to the bank.

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11. The cops instructed the people not to leave that area.

12. Mother remarked that we couldn’t trust people like him.

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