Nouns Worksheet For Class 5

Underline the nouns in the sentences below.


Nouns are the names of people, places or things. Examples are: bird, boy, book, country, Hindi, Rahul, Praveena, child, India and Africa. Most nouns have singular and plural forms. Examples are: book, books, boy, boys, child, children, girl, girls.

1. Mother is baking a cake in the oven.

2. The driver is driving the bus.

3. The tailor is stitching the clothes.

4. The farmer is in his farm.

5. The wolf is near the ship.

6. The boy saw the wolf.

7. The bear and the tiger are in the zoo.

8. The kitten is under the mat.


1a. mother, cake, oven

2a. driver, bus

3a. tailor, clothes

4a. farmer, farm

5a. wolf, sheep

6a. boy, wolf

7a. bear, tiger, zoo

8a. kitten, mat

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