The Wise Fisherman | Class 7 English Story Writing Worksheet

Using the hints given below write a readable story. This story writing worksheet is designed for students of classes 6 and 7.

Class 7 English writing skills | Story writing worksheet

Fisherman catches fish …. cannot find buyers …. decides to sell to the rich man …. his doorkeeper does not let  in … asks for half of what he got … agrees … meets the rich man … asks for 100 whippings as price of fish …. rich man surprised … asks why … doorkeeper punished … fisherman rewarded

Model answer

A fisherman once lived on the banks of a river. He would go fishing every morning, but could never catch enough fish. He led a miserable life. Then one day everything seemed to have changed. A big fish got caught in his net. The fisherman was overjoyed. ‘I will sell this fish for a huge price,’ he thought.

The fisherman took the fish to the market, but no one could pay the price he demanded. He was disappointed.

‘Who would I sell this fish to?’ he wondered. He then decided to sell the fish to the richest man in their village. But there was another problem. The rich man’s doorkeeper wouldn’t let the fisherman in. The fisherman pleaded with the doorkeeper for quite sometime, but he wouldn’t listen.

‘What will you give me if I let you in?’ the doorkeeper then asked.

An exasperated fisherman said that he would give half of whatever he got from the rich man. The doorkeeper was pleased.

‘Then you may go,’ he said, ‘but don’t forget your promise.’

The fisherman went inside, showed the big fish to the rich man and said that he would like to sell it to him. The rich man was surprised to see such a big fish.

‘I have never seen such a big fish,’ he said, ’I will buy it, but what do you expect in return?’ he asked.

‘One hundred whippings,’ said the fisherman.

‘What! Hundred whippings!’ exclaimed the rich man. He was curious to know why the fisherman asked for such a price.

‘Yes sir,’ The fisherman said, ‘I will be happy to sell this fish to you and get 100 whippings in return and your doorkeeper will be happier to get half of what I got.

The rich man understood what the fisherman had meant. The doorkeeper was immediately called for and removed from service. The fisherman was rewarded too.


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