Story Writing Exercise For Class 7 CBSE

Write a meaningful story from the following outline. This story writing activity is helpful for students of classes 6 and 7.

Three men knock down ant-hill – find treasure in a box under it – overjoyed – decide to share it among themselves – tired from hunger and thirst – one man goes to get food – he wants the treasure to himself – he poisons the food – the other two men want to keep the treasure to themselves – strangulate the first man when he returns – eat the poisoned food – all of them die.

Class 7 Story Writing Activity

Greed Never Pays

Three friends were passing through a forest. Accidentally they knocked down an ant-hill. There was a box lying beneath it. ‘What could be that?’ they thought.

‘Let us open it,’ one of them suggested.

Together they opened the box and were both delighted and surprised to find a huge treasure inside it.

The trio decided to share the treasure among themselves. But they were hungry and tired. So they decided to have their meals first. One of the men went to a village nearby to fetch some food. But his mind was with the box of treasure.

‘It would be simply great if I could keep the whole treasure to myself,’ he thought.

But how could he do that? There were two other men and they had an equal claim on the treasure. His greed poisoned his mind. He decided to kill his friends. He poisoned the food. He then returned to his friends who were eagerly waiting for him.

Meanwhile the other two men were also wondering what they could do to keep the treasure to themselves. They decided to kill their friend when he returns with food. As soon as the first man returned with food, the other two strangulated him. They then decided to share the treasure between themselves after having their meals.

They ate the food brought by the dead friend not knowing that it was poisoned. Both died on the spot itself.

Story writing activity for classes 6 and 7

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