Class 9 English Workbook Unit 1 Report Writing Sample

Write a report on the changes in living conditions in Medland since 1940 and now. Suggest reasons for these changes. Use the present perfect continuous tenses whenever possible.

Sample report

The given line graph shows how living conditions changed in Medland since 1940. It is evident that the number of children in secondary school has been sharply increasing over the years. This is probably because the government has been building more homes. Residents of Medland have also become healthier over the years as can be seen inferred from the fact that the number of people dying from malnutrition has been declining noticeably. There has also been a steady increase in the number of homes with running water. Clearly living standards have improved. As for the number of women working outside the home, it remained fairly stable until 1960 and then increased gradually until 1970. Afterwards, there was no real change in the number of working women. Even so, today Medland has considerably more working women that it had in 1940.

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