Reporting Questions | CBSE Class 9 English Grammar Worksheet

We use if or whether to report yes/no questions. Wh-questions are reported using the same question word. This reported speech worksheet is based on Class 9 English Chapter 5 The Snake and the Mirror.

Report the questions given below.

1. ‘Have you seen my cat?’ the girl asked me.

2. ‘Do you know my father?’ asked the little boy.

3. ‘What do you do to make a living?’ she asked me.

4. ‘Where do you work?’ Nisha asked Seema.

5. ‘Have you finished?’ asked dad.

6. ‘Whom did you meet there?’ mother asked me.

7. ‘What did you do with my camera?’ she asked me.

8. ‘Where have they gone?’ I wondered.

9. ‘Can anybody solve this problem?’ the teacher asked.

10. ‘Have you got any eggs?’ she asked me.

11. ‘How did the prisoners escape?’ the inspector asked the warden.

12. ‘Where is my watch?’ Rahul asked his mother.


1. The girl asked me if/whether I had seen her cat.

2. The little boy asked if/whether I knew his father.

3. She asked me what I did to make a living.

4. Nisha asked Seema where she worked.

5. Dad asked if / whether I had finished.

6. Mother asked me whom I had met there.

7. She asked me what I had done with her camera.

8. I wondered where they had gone.

9. The teacher asked if/whether anybody could solve that problem.

10. She asked me if/whether I had got any eggs.

11. The inspector asked the warden how the prisoners had escaped.

12. Rahul asked his mother where his watch was.

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