Class IX English Chapter 2 Grammar Questions And Answers

The grammar questions from chapter 2 are answered here.

Refer Beehive page number 26 for the questions.

1. The school sports team hopes to win.

2. We all want to achieve success.

3. They advised the hearing impaired child’s mother to take her to a specialist.

4. The authorities permitted us to use loudspeakers.

5. A musician decided to revive the instrument.


1. The home of the royal people – royal residence

2. The state of being alone – solitude

3. A part which is absolutely necessary – an indispensable part

4. To do something not done before – improvise

5. Without much effort – effortlessly

6. Quickly and in large quantities – thick and fast

III. Tick the right answer.

1. When something is revived, it lives again.

2. When a government band something, it wants it stopped.

3. When something is considered auspicious, we welcome it.

4. When we take to something, we find it interesting.

5. When you appreciate something, you find it good and useful.

6. When you replicate something, you do it for the second time.

7. When we come to terms with something, it is no longer upsetting.

Dictionary Work

Adjectives used attributively and predicatively

Some adjectives are used only attributively. That means they can only go before noun.

She is my elder sister.

The adjective elder can only be used attributively. That means it can only go before a noun. It cannot go after be.

You cannot say ‘She is elder than me’.

You have to say ‘She is older than me.’

Some are used only predicatively. That means they can only go after the verb be. The verb be has different forms. They are: is, am, are, was, were

Examples of such adjectives are awake and afraid.

She is awake.

I am afraid of spiders.

Some can be used both before the noun and after the verb be.


Indispensable can be used both before the noun and after the verb be.

  • Wikipedia is an indispensable source of information for students.
  • He is an indispensable part of the team.
  • Is he indispensable?


Impressed is only used after the verb be.

  • We were impressed by their performance.


Afraid is used only after the verb be.

  • He is afraid of darkness.


Outdoor is only used before the noun.

  • They have an outdoor living space.
  • There are a lot of outdoor activities to keep the children engaged.


Paternal can be used before the noun and after the verb be.

  • My paternal grandfather was an advocate.
  • His tone was paternal.


Countless is used before a noun.

  • There are countless arguments in favour of the proposal.
  • She has got countless fans.


Priceless can be used both before the noun and after the verb be.

  • He has got a priceless collection of paintings.
  • Water is priceless and must be conserved.

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