India Facts File | NTSE Preparation

Here are some expected questions about India. This question bank is meant for students preparing for the Scholastic Aptitude Test of NTSE.

NTSE Preparation | India Facts File 6

1. How many spokes are there in the ‘Chakra’ of our national flag?

a) 24
b) 25
c) 26
d) 30

2. The ratio between the length and width of our national flag is

a) 1:2
b) 2:3
c) 1: 4
d) 2:5

3. The Himasagar Express runs between

a) Jammu Tawi and Kanyakumari
b) Culcutta and Delhi
c) New Delhi and Chennai
d) Mumbai – Kolkatta

4. How many lions are visible in our National Flag?

a) two
b) one
c) three
d) four

5. The Mumbai High Court was set up in

a) 1832
b) 1862
c) 1889
d) 1901

6. Which Indian state gave us four Nobel Prize winners?

a) West Bengal
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Punjab

7. Who among the following is not associated with the Sitar?

a) Amir Khusro
b) Ravi Shankar
c) Ustad Alauddin Khan
d) Amjad Ali Khan

8. The Shimla agreement was signed between India and Pakistan in

a) 1965
b) 1948
c) 1956
d) 1972

9. Our National Emblem was adopted on

a) August 15, 1947
b) January 26, 1950
c) November 26, 1946
d) December 26, 1949

10. Which of the following is India’s biggest dam?

a) Kosi
b) Nagarjuna Sagar
c) Hirakud
d) Bhakra

11. Gol Gumbaz, the largest dome in Asia, is in

a) Tamil Nadu
b) Karnataka
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Kerala

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12. Project Tiger, aimed at protecting tigers from extinction, was launched in

a) 1970
b) 1973
c) 1976
d) 1980
13. Who composed our National Anthem?

a) Rabindranath Tagore
b) Muhammad Iqbal
c) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
d) Sri Aurobindo

14. Who among the following is not associated with Karnatic music?

a) Tanzen
b) Tyagaraja
c) Muthuswami Dikshitar
d) Shyama Shastri

15. Jana Gana Mana, our national anthem was sung for the first time in

a) 1947
b) 1950
c) 1906
d) 1911

16. What is the official language of Jammu and Kashmir?

a) Urdu
b) Kashmiri
c) Dogri
d) English

17. Who was the first Chief Justice of India?

a) M Patanjali Sastri
b) BK Mukherjee
c) Harilal J Kania
d) MC Mahajan

18. Who was the first recipient of the Jnanpith Award?

a) G Sankara Kurup
b) TS Bandopadhaya
c) Uma Shankar Joshi
d) Sumitranandan Pant

19. How many stanzas are there in our national anthem?

a) two
b) three
c) four
d) five

20. Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India?

a) KVK Sundaram
b) Sukumar Sen
c) SP Sen Verma
d) Dr Nagendra Singh

21. Mother Teressa won the Nobel Peace Prize in

a) 1930
b) 1913
c) 1968
d) 1978

22. Who was the first recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award?

a) Devika Rani
b) V Shantaram
c) Prithviraj Kapoor
d) Pankaj Mallick

23. What percentage of the world population lives in India?

a) approximately 15
b) approximately 21
c) approximately 7
d) approximately 12

24. India’s largest petro-chemical complex is located in

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a) Maharashtra
b) Gujarat
c) Assam
d) Bihar

25. Which of the following is India’s first indigenous submarine?

a) INS Shahkul
b) INS Savitri
c) INS Vibhuti
d) INS Shalki


1. 24
2. 2:3
3. Jammu Tawi and Kanyakumari
4. three
5. 1862
6. West Bengal
7. Ustad Alauddin Khan
8. 1972
9. January 26, 1950
10. Hirakud
11. Karnataka
12. 1973
13. Rabindranath Tagore
14. Tanzen
15. 1911
16. Urdu
17. Harilal J Kania
18. G Sankara Kurup
19. five
20. Sukumar Sen
21. 1978
22. Devika Rani
23. approximately 15
24. Gujarat
25. INS Shalki

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