NTSE SAT Preparation | India Facts File

This question bank is designed for students preparing for NTSE Scholastic Aptitude Test.

NTSE Scholastic Aptitude Test Preparation | India Facts File 7

1. Which state was formerly known as NEFA?

a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Assam
d) Manipur

2. The original population of Andaman Islands belongs to which ethnic group?

a) Dravida
b) Negroids
c) Mongoloids
d) Arya

3. The Tavang monastery, the oldest Buddhist Monastery, in India is located in

a) Assam
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Bihar
d) Uttar Pradesh

4. What is the state language of Jammu & Kashmir?

a) Hindi
b) Arabic
c) Urdu
d) English

5. In how many states is Hindi the official language?

a) 5
b) 6
7) 7
8) 4

6. Which one of the following was the last state to be formed in India?

a) Chattisgarh
b) Jharkhand
c) Uttaranchal
d) Goa

7. The South Indian hill tribes Irulas, Kodars, Paniyans and Kurumbas belong to which ethnic group?

a) Mongoloids
b) Negroids
c) Dravida
d) Arya

8. In terms of area Rajasthan is the biggest state in the union of India. Which is the smallest?

a) Goa
b) Assam
c) Delhi
d) none of these

9. Which was the first Indian state to be formed purely on a linguistic basis?

a) Tamil Nadu
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Kerala
d) West Bengal

10. Which language has the second largest number of speakers in India?

a) Tamil
b) Telugu
c) Urdu
d) Hindi

11. Which Indian state has the largest number of tribal population?

a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Bihar
d) Manipur

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12. The historically famous city ‘Pataliputra’ is the capital of an Indian state. Which is this state?

a) Bihar
b) UP
c) Assam
d) Bengal

13. Which Indian state has the highest per capita income?

a) Bengal
b) Punjab
c) Kerala
d) Tamil Nadu

14. ‘Bihu’ is the national festival of which north – eastern state?

a) Assam
b) Manipur
c) Meghalaya
d) Nagaland

15. Which Indian state has contributed the largest number of Prime ministers to the union of India?

a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Punjab
d) Delhi

16. Pondichery is the most populous Union Territory in India. Which is the least populous?

a) Andaman
b) Lakshdweeps
c) Goa
d) none of these

17. Which two cities in India are often called ‘Twin Cities’?

a) Hyderabad and Secunderabad
b) Mysore and Bangalore
c) Madras and Coimbatore
d) Mumbai and Thane

18. The Nagarjuna Srisailam Wildlife Sanctuary famous for its tiger population is in

a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Karnataka
d) UP

19. Jhumming practiced in the north-eastern states is a method of

a) learning
b) agriculture
c) living
d) dancing

20. The Kaziranga Forest Reserve is famous for its

a) One horned rhinoceros
b) Asiatic Lion
c) Asiatic Tiger
d) Elephants

21. Which Indian state faces severe threat from the extremist outfits ULFA and BODO?

a) Assam
b) Manipur
c) Kashmir
d) Bengal

22. The place where Mahavira breathed his last is in Bihar. Which is this place?

a) Pawapuri
b) Saranath
c) Sanchi
d) Vaishali

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23. Goa is the 25th state in the Indian Union. In Which year was this formed?

a) 1987
b) 1990
c) 1995
d) 1985

24. What is the official language of the state of Goa?

a) Hindi
b) English
c) Konkani
d) Malayalam

25. This wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat is the World’s last habitat of Asiatic lion. What is its name?

a) Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary
b) Gir Wildlife Sanctuary
c) Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
d) Corbett National Park


1. Arunachal Pradesh
2. Negroids
3. Arunachal Pradesh
4. Urdu
5. 6
6. Jharkhand
7. Negroids
8. Goa
9. Andhra Pradesh
10. Telugu 11. Madhya Pradesh
12. Bihar
13. Punjab
14. Assam
15. Uttar Pradesh
16. Lakshdweeps
17. Hyderabad and Secunderabad
18. Andhra Pradesh
19. agriculture
20. One horned rhinoceros
21. Assam
22. Pawapuri
23. 1987
24. Konkani
25. Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

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